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Health Articles

The following articles cover a wide variety of Health Topics ranging from emotions to vitamins to insulin.  Take some time to enjoy this information and just let us know if you have other topics you’d like to learn about such as quick weight loss, proteins, recipes or just weight loss tips.

Title Hits
Your Personal Health & Wellness Contract 1299
Prediabetes: On the Rise in the US 2884
Could Vitamin D Deficiency Increase Risk of Heart Disease? 3319
Coronavirus Attacks Fat Tissue, Scientists Find 4109
Step 1 Interview - Mary Gets Started 4897
Step 3 Interview - Billie B's Success For Life 10544
Step 3 Interview - H. Davis's Success For Life 11512
Step 1 Interview - Cathy Begins Her Journey 12302
Step 1 Interview - Jenny Gets Started 13123
Step 3 Interview - Glenn's Success For Life 13505
Step 3 Interview - Eric's Success For Life 14298
The ABC's of Diabetes & Hypertension Medications 20298
What Happens If I Don't Drink Enough Water? 17824
Ketones and Dieting 23738
Understanding Ketosis 23748
Sleep and Your Diet 23832
Soy Protein, Demystified 25441
Mindless Eating 23294
Killing Your Sex Drive One Bite at a Time 26362
Organic Food Claims 26300
Weight Loss Controls Hot Flashes 21745
“Choosing a Diet Plan?" 21435
Glossary of Terms 23070
Are Your Friends Destroying Your Diet? 20199
Are You An Emotional Eater? 21217
Vitamin C 19040
The Strong Connection Between Your Snooze Time and Your Waistline 15442
Many Americans May Benefit From Eating A Higher-Protein Diet 16621
Why Most Diet Systems Don’t Work 19487
Let’s Talk About Insulin 15650
Are You Overweight? 15199
Are You Really Ready to Get Ready for the Beach? 15046
The Real Costs of Cheating on the ITG Diet Plan 19379
Are Your Friends a Fat Influence? 9649
Dieting around the Holidays 11030
Depression 9412
Exercise and Physical Fitness 9966
Hormones 8800
Cholesterol 9311
What is Insulin Resistance? 9601
High Blood Pressure 8271
Understanding Triglycerides 8049



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