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ITG Diet—Weight Loss Through Good Nutrition

ITG Diet is a Nutrition Plan featuring delicious products that can help you meet your dietary and weight-loss goals.

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ITG Diet allows dieters to obtain our protein-based weight control program from the convenience of their homes. Participants adhere to an easy to follow, 3-step ketonic body program that allows them to finally achieve the success they so richly deserve. Our experienced team provides you with the necessary training, materials and education to help you attain your health and weight-loss goals.

One of the things that make it work for us is the science behind the weight-loss aspect. ITG Diet isn't just another yo-yo diet plan with no end for the dieter. We can explain how the foods you eat react in your body and either cause you to retain or lose weight. That's our difference.

With ITG Diet, you lose the weight, then you keep it off, for two reasons; first, because you'll shed fat instead of muscle, and second, because our focus is on teaching you how to make better eating choices rather than simply eliminating the fun foods from your diet.

Prefer to visit a local ITG Diet Clinic in person?  New ITG Diet Clinics open every day so Contact Us at info@itgdiet.com to ask if there is one available in your area. 

If you are interested in becoming an ITG Diet Clinic and offering our Plan to your Patient Base, please click here to request more information or email laurel@itgdiet.com

ITG Diet Updates and Announcements 

New Summer Hours

Effective Monday, June 20th, ITG Diet Office Hours will change:

Monday through Friday: 8:30 am to 6:00 pm

Saturday & Sunday: Closed


 NEW! ITG Chocolate Chip Cookies with Icing


This deliciously chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie is full of protein and has an extra drizzle of chocolate icing on top!

NEW! Caramel Peanut Snacks


 A tasty combination of sweet caramel mixed with peanut flavor over a crunchy bite-sized snack

NEW! ITG Toffee Pretzel Bar


 This bar is soft and chewy with the crunch of pretzel and sweet taste of toffee and marshmallow. You will fall in love with it at first bite! Contains 15 grams of protein, 8 grams of fiber and 18 carbs!




Gator Garlic is a blend of garlic, worcestershire base, onion salt and other spices.  This is a wonderful all-purpose spice that goes great with everything.

Sugarless Rub is a great tasting blend of garlic salt, onion powder, and other spices.  Goes well with seafood, chicken, beef or veggies.  Don't settle for bland food again.


ITG has some Optional Diet Supplements to help enhance your inch loss, help curb your cravings and increase fat burning.
Click on image for more details about these products.

ITG Inches To Go!   Enhance Your Inch Loss!

ITG Crave Support!  Helps those cravings and hunger pains go away!

ITG Thermo Tonic!  Help increase energy and burn fat!



ITG Diet Clinics Upcoming Weight Loss Workshops

Click Here For Full Details

 ITG diet work shops for weight loss


Hear what some of our local clinics have to say about ITG Diet.

“Our focus on patient care was the reason to bring in the ITG Diet Plan. We provide an in-depth, personalized client evaluation to every patient seeking help in weight management issues. We have been very happy with the results our patients have experienced with ITG Diet. Many have been able to reduce and/or eliminate medications, in addition to meeting their weight loss goals."

Wendy C. Huhn, M.D., F.A.C.E of Diabetes and Endocrine Center (Orlando, Florida)

 “I integrated the ITG Diet into my clinics in August and was the first ITG Diet Clinic except for Slim Down St Pete to transition to their products from another manufacturer.  My dieters love the new flavors and I have not skipped a beat in adding new dieters and maintaining current dieters.  In fact, my first month with ITG was better than any month with my previous program!”

Pearl Chiarenza – Bodyworks Health and Wellness Centers, Brandon and Lakeland Florida

If you’d like, you can recommend your local healthcare professional to the ITG Diet Plan by emailing their practice contact information to laurel@itgdiet.com.

Featured Product 


Clinic Spotlight 

Wood Family Chiropractic
Marietta, Georgia


Located in Marietta, the Wood family is committed to the well-being of your family's health. They offer chiropractic-based care for specific health problems, sports injuries, chronic neck and back pain, spinal conditions, and preventative care.

Dr. Kevin and Dr. Colleen Wood have been working together since 1995. They have always strived to make a difference in their own health and the health of their patients. Their two sons also work for the family business. "Our focus at Wood Family Chiropractic is family. We want to make sure each member of your family is feeling good and thriving." Wood Chiropractic has been successfully utilizing the ITG Diet Plan at their clinic to help their patients continue to become healthier by changing their dietary habits.

- Drs. Kevin & Colleen Wood, Owners


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