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What Happens If I Don't Drink Enough Water?

by Joseph Packo

You can't live long without it. Almost all body processes depend on it. You're probably not getting enough of it. What is this mystery ingredient of life? Well, it’s in the title… and it's water, of course!

Dehydration is a common and widespread problem for most Americans. We are not getting enough water due to all those coffees, sodas, fruit juices and sports drinks. They fill us up and keep us from being thirsty enough to get our water in during the day. Although these drinks are made with water, the additional ingredients in most products you can purchase can cause you to lose more water than you are taking in. Ingredients such as caffeine, sugar, and sodium have poor effects on the body's ability to maintain a good balance of hydration levels.

If you've ever experienced a bit of dry mouth, too late: you are already dehydrated! A minimum of eight glasses of pure water each day are recommended for healthy day-to-day bodily functions, while you may need a bit more on the ITG Diet Plan during your light state of ketosis. Water helps flush out sugars, toxins, and excess ketone molecules as your body breaks down its fat reserves for energy.

Review the following list of the symptoms of dehydration. If you are experiencing any of these, increase your water intake. Remember though, too much water causes a condition called hyponatremia, which can be extremely harmful and even fatal in extreme cases.

If you do not drink the proper amount of water consistently over time, you can develop conditions which may be easily ignored, but can have a direct effect on your weight loss and health. Some of these are:

Slow metabolism, increased hunger, slow circulation, irregular temperature, digestion issues, general fatigue, increased blood sugar


Symptoms of Dehydration

Mild Dehydration - a lack of water

Tiredness, sleepiness, fatigue, headache, constipation, dizziness, mood changes, irritability, increased anxiety, sunken eyes, shriveled skin, muscle cramps, joint aches

Severe Dehydration - some of these symptoms may require you to seek medical attention

Low blood pressure with rapid heartbeat, fever, delirium, unconsciousness, severe diarrhea, vomiting, inability to keep down fluids.

More severe long-term effects of chronic dehydration

Heat injury, brain swelling, seizures, low blood plasma levels leading to hypovolemic shock, kidney failure, coma, and death.

Remember to drink the proper amount of water to meet your body’s needs each day. Keep track of your intake in your ITG Food Diary or a mobile app. Avoid flavored, processed drinks as these will make you feel too full to be able to get in the proper amount of water that your body needs to be healthy, and to help you reach and maintain your goal weight!


Joseph is a certified ITG Wellness Coach and Operations Director at ITG Headquarters in St. Petersburg, Florida.


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