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toffee-pretzel-barAt the core of the ITG Program is good nutrition. We have selected products that are both delicious and nutritious, and made of superior-quality ingredients combined in a unique formula to help you achieve your weight loss and healthy living goals.

Good-tasting and smooth-textured ITG products are made with state-of-the-art technology in order to meet all your nutritional and dietary needs. Try our wide range of instant, easy-to-prepare products.

Below is just a sampling of the many delicious foods available on the ITG Plan. We're always adding more new and tasty treats. Visit our Online Shop to see what we have today! Ready to join our weight loss plan? Then Let's Get Started!


cappuccino     chocolate-drink     chocolate-shake-bottle     cran-grape-drink     strawberry-cream-drink     vanilla-shake-bottle     more-itg-diet-products



apple-cinnamon-oatmeal     bacon-cheese-omelet     chocolate-chip-pancake     maple-oatmeal     itg-diet-pancake     cinnamon-cereal     more-itg-diet-products



chocolate-almond-bar     chocolate-dream-bar     vanilla-crispy-bar     peanut-surprise-bar     raspberry-dark-chocolate-square     rockie-road-protein-bar     shop-itg-diet-products



chocolate-mint-shake     dark-chocolate-protein-shake     dulce-de-leche-pudding     chocolate-shake     pudding-variety     vanilla-protein-shake     shop-itg-diet-products



beef-veggie-soup     chicken-pasta-soup     cream-of-chicken-soup     mushroom-soup     itg-diet-spaghetti     itg-diet-chili     shop-itg-diet-products



bbq-protein-crisps     choco-fudge-cake     chocolate-wafer     bbq-chips     vanilla-wafer     white-cheddar-protein-crisps     shop-itg-diet-products



itg-diet-inches-to-go      itg-diet-calcium-magnesium     itg-diet-multi-vitamin     itg-diet-omega-vitamin     itg-diet-crave-support    itg-thermo-tonic    shop-itg-diet-supplements



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