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Step 3 Interview - Glenn's Success For Life

Glenn is a successful Step 3 ITG Dieter. He was in a rut with his overall weight and had stalled out trying other types of diets. He was also on two blood pressure medications and a sleep apnea machine to help with breathing overnight. Glenn began the ITG Diet Plan and was able to quickly and efficiently reach his goal weight and has kept it off in Step 3 of the program for a full year now - without ever gaining any weight back! He credits his success to his dedication while on the program and the invaluable coaching he received. Read the full ITG interview below and view his ITG Success Story Before & After photos by clicking here.


ITG: What was your motivation to lose weight?

Glenn: I knew I needed to get healthier. I wasn't happy looking in the mirror and seeing what I saw. I wanted to get back closer to my college weight and get off my medications.


ITG: What made you decide to try the ITG Diet Plan to lose weight?

Glenn: A co-worker of mine had heard about the program. I read some of the literature and checked out the website. I also called in and got a lot of answers to my questions from the coaches at ITG. I had never tried a diet like this but had already tried losing weight on my own and wasn't seeing any results. I was trying by counting carbs, eating salads, fruit, and lots of salmon... but I just didn't see any results. Looking back now, I see why those other diets I tried didn't work for me. I gave ITG a shot for a few weeks to see if it would give me the results I was looking for - and it did.

ITG: How much weight overall did you lose?

Glenn: I lost over 60 pounds on the ITG Diet Plan and about 36 inches overall.


ITG: Did you have any medical issues or medications prior to starting the ITG Diet, and if so, has your weight loss impacted those issues or medications?

Glenn: Yes I did. I was on two different blood pressure pills. I was able to eliminate those medications. I was also having breathing problems when I slept so for about 5 years I had been using a sleep apnea machine. When I reached about 30 pounds of weight loss, I happened to be taking a nap and my wife noticed that I was no longer snoring or having difficulty breathing. I have been able to eliminate using the sleep apnea machine.


ITG: What did you find easiest about the ITG Diet Plan in Steps 1 & 2?

Glenn: I am very disciplined in just about everything I do, so I didn't find anything very difficult, really. The easiest part though was that this plan was all laid out for me. I began with the 14-Day Starter Kit and consultation with my coach. I liked having a plan for my meals each day. Having all the plan documents electronically on the website and on my phone gave me structure.


ITG: What have been some of your challenges on the program in Steps 1 & 2?

Glenn: For me, not too much. But I love red grapes. I had to give them up on the program. Actually, to this day, I still do not eat red grapes! Even on Reward Day because they are just too addicting for me. I also cut out the salmon - I used to eat it every day. I like both of those foods too much. Now I eat apples and a few other fruits that I enjoy. I also eat different types of fish like sea bass and grouper for leaner protein. I also travel quite frequently for work so I had to figure out how to eat on the road. The ITG Restaurant Guide helped me a lot - now I hav coworkers and clients who know I eat healthy, so when they choose a restaurant for lunch, they always find something where I will have options too!


ITG: Have you had any weight gain in Step 3 - Maintenance? If so, how do you get back to your goal weight?

Glenn: Actually, I never regained any weight. I do gain a little bit on my Reward Days, but it's always temporary. On my Saturday reward day, I eat whatever I want: pizza, restaurant foods, ice cream - always a dessert! But I also always weigh myself on Sunday to see where my weight is. Usually that next day my weight goes up 3-4 pounds, and once it even went up 6 pounds. But Sunday is the day I get strict and follow the ITG Diet Plan as if I'm back in Step 1. By Monday or Tuesday, my weight is always back to my goal and I return to my usual Step 3 routine and portion sizes.


ITG: What advice would you give to others who are thinking about getting started on the ITG Diet Plan?

Glenn: I would tell them they need to do it, but they need to be 100% committed. This isn't a program where you have one foot in the boat and the other foot out of it. If you use the program and the coaching guidance, it will work for you. Your reward is stepping on the scale every week, seeing that weight drop, feel your clothes getting loose. It felt great to get compliments from people in my life, and I felt more healthy with a lot more energy. So many positives! Stick to the plan the way it was written and be dedicated is my advice.


ITG: What would you tell someone who says they aren't sure they can afford the diet?

Glenn: How much do you spend on medication? How much money and time do you spend at the doctor's office for appointments? How much do you spend on groceries, and on the things you're eating now? Look at the dollars in your budget and your expenses - you should see that the math will work out and you won't be spending more than you already are. Probably about equal or even a little bit less, depending on what foods you're picking out at the grocery store.


ITG: What is your favorite tip to help you maintain your goal weight in Step 3?

Glenn: Once you've introduced all the food groups back to your diet in Steps 2 and 3, don't overindulge! Stick to your portion sizes. Stay strict to the guidelines. If you mess up one day, get right back on track. Bud ton'd mess up a few days in a row, because you will see the weight start to creep back. Be disciplined!


ITG: How long have you been in Step 3? Have you had to do a Step 1 tune-up while in Step 3?

Glenn: It's been a year now since I began Step 3, and I haven't had to do a tune-up. Being strict the day after my Reward Day has really helped me stay on track for a whole year now with no tune-ups needed.


ITG: On a typical day of Step 3 - Maintenance, tell us what you typically eat?

Glenn: For breakfast, I have an ITG Pancake, 1.5 ounces of cheddar cheese, and half an English muffin. For lunch I am typically on the road and eat at restaurants so mixed green salads with chicken, sometimes I bring my own Walden Farms dressings or stick with olive oil and vinegar, and a side of steamed vegetables like broccoli or cauliflower. For dinner I always have salad, meat and vegetables. I still use some ITG Foods as snacks here and there or as partial meal replacements when I need them. Yes I still like the ITG Pancakes for breakfast every day! IT's great - my coworkers and clients know I stay strict with the foods I eat, so they are great at choosing places where I have options!


ITG: What does your Reward Day look like in Step 3?

Glenn: Like I said before, I literally eat whatever I want on my Reward Days, within reason of course. The next day I get myself right back on track by following Step 1 for at least a day or two, which helps wipe out all those excesses from my Saturday Reward Day.


ITG: Do you ever reward yourself more than one day per week?

Glenn: No. One day a week only. It's just that, a reward - and a day to look forward to each week. If I started rewarding myself every day, what would there be to look forward to?


ITG: How often do you eat at restaurants in Step 3, and how do you order your food when dining out?

Glenn: I do eat at restaurants on the weekdays for lunch due to my work and travel schedule. I go for salads, proteins, and vegetables. I stay pretty strict. I will sometimes bring my own Walden Farms dressing to use. I found out what vegetables the restaurant has and ask if I can have them steamed. If I'm going to a restaurant I haven't been to before, I always check out the menu ahead of time to plan.


ITG: Do you ever eat fast food, and what do you order?

Glenn: I do not eat any fast food anymore.


ITG: Do you look at nutritional labels when shopping? If so, what items on the label are you looking at?

Glenn: Yes I do look at nutrition labels, and I will look at the ingredient list to see what the first ingredient is. I also look at the fat, protein, and carb counts. Interestingly enough, and since I really don't buy many processed or pre-packaged foods anymore, I don't need to look at labels as often. Sticking with vegetables, fruits, and proteins in the right portion size is the trick I use to stay on track and in control of my weight.


ITG: If you're in a hurry, what is your favorite quick, go-to meal?

Glenn: I don't rush when it comes to food anymore. My cravings and appetite have subsided quite a bit since I started the program. If I had to get something I would eat an ITG protein bar to tide me over. I always factor in that I am eating at certain times of day, so I don't put myself in the position of being starving and in a rush with my meals. Planning ahead really makes a difference! Back in the day I may have run through a fast food drive through, but I don't feel those urges anymore. I drink so much water that I stay full anyway - about a gallon a day!


ITG: Have your new eating habits affected healthy changes with other members of your household?

Glenn: My wife was not on the program but has lost 20 pounds along with me. We stopped buying junk foods and snacks when I started the diet. We now have a lot of healthy options to choose from such as fruit, fresh produce, lots of lean protein, hard boiled eggs.


ITG: Has your opinion of your self-worth changed? Not superficially, but do you feel like you are stronger minded, more resilient, self-compassionate, or more proactive with your well-being?

Glenn: Yes, it hasn't changed my outlook but when you feel better inside, and about yourself, your whole aura seems to change. There is definitely more bounce in my step, my coworkers and family have all noticed. Everyone sees a difference. Before I needed medication and felt lethargic all the time. Not anymore!


ITG: Is there anything else you'd like to tell us about any aspect of the ITG Diet Plan?

Glenn: You might be a skeptic in the beginning and think things like "this might not work for me" or "I don't think I can afford it" - but if you have issues with your health and your weight, you can't afford NOT to. IF you want to make a change in your life, you must fully commit to the ITG Diet Plan. It's not a fad or a quick fix, it's a lifestyle change. It helped me change mine and it can work for you too!


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