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Step 1 Interview - Mary Gets Started

Mary is new to the ITG Diet Plan and is participating through one of our clinic locations, Prima Bella Women's Health in Valparaiso, Indiana. She has tried other diets in the past and has struggled to find one that fit in with her schedule and helped keep the weight off. As of writing this article, Mary has been on the program for a little over a month and has already seen incredible results. She credits her success to how easy it is to follow the ITG Diet Plan rather than counting calories, points, and macros. Being accountable to her ITG Coaches each week at Prima Bella also helps her stay on track and motivated. Read the full ITG interview below.

ITG: What made you choose the ITG Diet Plan?

Mary: I didn’t know a lot about it. My doctor’s office had posters up for it, so I was intrigued. I liked the idea that it was endorsed by my doctor and operated out of their office. Once I learned about it, I liked the convenience of the prepackaged foods, with the flexibility to still have a normal(ish) dinner with my family.


ITG: How motivated were you to get started?

Mary: I was pretty motivated. I put on weight after I got married and had two kids, and have struggled to lose the weight. I tried another diet and lost some weight, but quickly put it back on. 


ITG: How much weight have you lost so far?

Mary: I have lost 16 pounds in 30 days.


ITG: Did you find yourself more motivated once you started to see your weight loss?

Mary: Absolutely! Seeing the scale go down everyday is very motivating. I’ve recently hit a little bit of a plateau, but the plan is so sustainable - and the foods are so good! - that I’m having very little trouble sticking with it through this stall.


ITG: Did you experience any symptoms of entering ketosis in the first few days? How long did the symptoms last?

Mary: I was definitely hungry and tired the first few days, and I had a spell where I was VERY thirsty. But none of the symptoms lasted more than a few days.


ITG: Have you had any challenges so far since you started? If so, what have those challenges been?

Mary: I have cravings, but most of the time, I can fill them with the ITG Foods. One of my biggest struggles is late night snacking. If I plan my day right, I can have one of their products after dinner and it feels like I’m indulging myself.


ITG: What has been easiest about the ITG Diet Plan so far?

Mary: The foods are DELICIOUS! And it’s so easy & convenient. I have two little kids, and this plan makes it so easy to just grab something and go. When I’m hungry, I grab a pre-packaged snack and don’t have to think about it. There’s no fussing, measuring, or counting calories, just grab something that sounds good and eat it! 


ITG: In your first couple weeks, did you feel tempted to eat or drink something off-program? If so, how did you overcome the temptation?

Mary: I snack at night… and my weakness is sweets. So all the options to ease my sweet-tooth have made it easy. I love the chocolate pudding and the lava cake. Again, as long as I plan, it’s very doable. Oh, also, I LOVE pumpkin spice lattes. But I discovered a recipe on the facebook page that tastes EXACTLY like my favorite pumpkin spiced latte, but it’s on the plan. It’s fabulous!


ITG: We typically tell new dieters to avoid going to restaurants in the first month of Step 1 as they learn proper nutrition and portion control - as well as avoiding all the fats, carbs, and sodium added to the foods. Have you tried eating at a restaurant and if so, what did you choose to eat?

Mary: Yes, but it wasn’t too hard. I had grilled chicken and steamed broccoli. I’m sure it wasn’t perfect, but it was a lot better than what I would have normally ordered, and made me feel like I was staying on track.


ITG: Do you have any medical issues you are looking to improve?

Mary: I have hypothyroidism, and am on medication.


ITG: As far as affordability, how does the cost of ITG fit into your new eating plan and budget?

Mary: It seems expensive because you buy the products up front. And the initial package includes supplements. But when you actually do the math, it isn’t really that bad for what you’re getting. High protein, low carb, low sugar foods - that taste great! - are hard to find. I’m happy to pay for healthy products that I enjoy. 


ITG: Do you find the coaching beneficial on the ITG Diet Plan?

Mary: Absolutely! I love that she reaches out to me and checks in. If I have any questions, or need suggestions or tips, she’s incredibly responsive. It’s like having a personal nutritionist/consultant.


ITG: What advice would you give to someone else who was thinking about starting on the ITG Diet Plan but wasn't sure yet?

Mary: Go for it! It’s totally worth it. Get through the first few days, drink TONS of water, and watch the pounds come off. I’m so glad I did it!


We wish Mary continued success as she makes her journey to better health! We can't wait to see her before and after pictures when she reaches her goals. Check out more Before & After Success Stories here.


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