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Step 3 Interview - Billie B's Success For Life

Billie, one of our successful Step 3 ITG Dieters, just recently completed the program and was able to reach her goal and surpass it by over 12 pounds! She even lost several pounds throughout Step 2 of the program due to her healthy new eating habits and portion control. In total, she is down 78 pounds and more than 52 inches overall! Read the full interview below.


ITG: What motivated you to want to lose weight?

Billie: I Was tired of feeling tired; my knee and joint pain was chronic and troublesome.


ITG: What made you decide on the ITG Diet Plan?

Billie: After a torn meniscus surgery, I told myself if I can not lose weight on my own, I will get started with the ITG Diet. I struggled on my own. My doctor told me that I needed to lose weight to prevent any further issues. And, ITG offers the convenience of ordering and receiving coaching online for my area! The cost of food was also reasonable!


ITG: How much weight did you lose overall? 

Billie: I lost a total of 77.2 pounds! I started in February and reached my goal in August - then I kept it going a bit longer to lose more!


ITG: Did you have any medical issues or medications prior to starting the diet, and if so, has your weight loss impacted those issues or medications?

Billie: I do not know until my next check up around November. I feel my breathing has improved and also my sleep.


ITG: What did you find was easiest about the program in Steps 1 & 2?

Billie: It was simple, structured. Minimal planning of meals with having the ITG products on hand.


ITG: Do you have any challenges or weight gain in Step 3? If so, how do you get back to your goal weight?

Billie: I’ve only been in Step 3 for a few weeks. After my reward day, I do gain a little but then the following day I go back to Step 1 for a day. Then the rest of the week I follow Step 3. By the time my next weigh-in day comes, I have lost the couple pounds of reward weight. I feel very happy about that!


ITG: What advice would you give others that are thinking about starting the ITG Diet Plan?

Billie: I would definitely encourage anyone to do it! I would share my experience.


ITG: What would you tell someone who says they aren’t sure they can afford the diet?

Billie: I would tell them that before ITG, I spent probably more on unhealthy fast foods and convenience snacks and I felt so bad all the time. I believe it is worth every penny or so to get the weight off and to feel great!


ITG: What are some of your favorite tips to help you maintain your goal weight in Step 3?

Billie: Staying away from processed foods. 


ITG: How long have you been in Step 3? Have you had to do a Step 1 tune-up while in Step 3?

Billie: 3 weeks. Not yet. However I am doing Step 1 on the day after my reward day.


ITG: On a typical day of Step 3 - Maintenance, tell us what a typical day’s menu looks like for you.

Billie: Breakfast - A couple steamed eggs, a fruit like a small apple or strawberries, and a dairy/fat like cheese or almond milk

Lunch - Lean chicken breast or other meat, vegetables like cucumbers or cauliflower, black eyed peas or frozen corn.

Dinner - Lean protein, vegetables, and later usually before 8 pm I have an ITG bar!

We love our Instant Pot so we steam vegetables and I sometime grill my broccoli in an air fryer.


ITG: What does your reward day look like in Step 3?

Billie: Reward day is dessert like pie. I had mashed potatoes one reward day with a meal and it was so nice to have that choice.   I am still so used to making the healthy choices for the past 6 months, I find myself questioning do I really need to have it? That surprises me, but I am allowing myself to enjoy the day - just not to get crazy.


ITG: Do you reward yourself more than one day per week?

Billie: NO!


ITG: How often do you eat at restaurants in Step 3, and how do you order your food when dinning out? 

Billie: I try to eat breakfast and lunch at home as much as possible because it is easier and less time consuming, unless we are out of vegetables and meat. There are times when we buy already cooked meat such as barbecue chicken, turkey, or brisket, and then go home and cook the veggies. I like going out 1-2 times on the weekdays and on weekends I may eat out 2-3 times. When I do eat out, I usually order grilled chicken.


ITG: Do you ever get fast food? What do you order? 

Billie: I have, but it was a Grilled Chicken Salad at Dairy Queen! On one of my reward days, I ordered a Whataburger Jr. with small fry and to tell the truth, I really didn't enjoy it! Fast food really isn't that tasty now that I've been on the ITG Diet Plan.


ITG: Do you look at nutritional labels when shopping? If so, what items on the label are you looking at? 

Billie: I am still not savvy on labels. In the past I have looked at sugar, sodium, and fat content.


ITG: If you are in a hurry, what is your favorite, quick, go-to meal? 

Billie: I find a restaurant with a salad bar!


ITG: Do you stick to whole foods? Do you eat any processed foods such as boxed or canned items from the grocery store

Billie: I am trying to eat whole foods but occasionally I do have canned goods. I don't eat much boxed since being on ITG, but there are some canned goods that I use, such as organic canned tomatoes, canned black-eyed peas, and if I am eating out, I have had green beans that I am pretty sure were canned and have sodium in them. 


ITG: Have your new eating habits affected healthy changes with other members of your household?

Billie: YES! My husband has changed his eating habits as well and has lost weight.


ITG: Has your opinion of your self-worth changed? Not superficially, but do you feel like you are stronger minded, more resilient, self-compassionate or more proactive? If so, explain.

Billie: Yes, I feel happier and stronger. I can do more activities with my family. Overall, my confidence and self-worth has definitely changed now that I've achieved my goals!


ITG: Anything else you’d like to tell us about any aspect of the ITG Diet Plan?

Billie: ITG is not just about the food that you receive. The plan itself is what make goals achievable. Having the coaching available is so vital to me along with online resources available.


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