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Step 1 Interview - Jenny Gets Started

Jenny is new to the ITG Diet Plan. She has tried other diets in the past and has struggled to find one that fit in with her busy schedule and lifestyle. As of writing this article, Jenny has been on the program for 5 weeks and has already seen amazing results. She credits her success to the structure of the ITG Diet Plan, which makes it easy to fit into her days... as well as her budget. Being accountable to her ITG Coaches each week also helps her stay on track and motivated, and she is working diligently toward her goals! Read the full ITG interview below.


ITG: What made you choose the ITG Diet Plan?

Jenny: I was looking for a set plan, something that helped me not have to think about it too much and would also fit in to my lifestyle and schedule.


ITG: How motivated were you to get started?

Jenny: I was extremely motivated. I got more information about how the plan worked when I stopped in for a visit, and sat down immediately after for a consultation with my ITG Coaches! I was ready to go the next day, but took a few days to have some fun foods before I got down to business. I have been a life-long dieter. I am horrible at commitment when it comes to diets, exercise, and having a healthier lifestyle. This plan makes it so easy for me.


ITG: How much weight have you lost so far?

Jenny: I am down 25 pounds in 5 weeks!


ITG: Did you find yourself more motivated once you started to see your weight loss?

Jenny: Yes! I realized how easy it was to stay on track with the ITG Diet. Knowing that I have to go in to see my coaches each week also helps do that for me! My advice is to set small goals, that way if you end up losing a lot in a week, you'll be so proud of yourself!


ITG: Did you experience any symptoms of entering ketosis in the first few days? How long did the symptoms last?

Jenny: I did. I was a bit nauseous in the morning, but I forgot to eat with my AM supplements. That went away. I was also very tired in the afternoon. I think on the 3rd and 4th days the symptoms went away and I felt great with extra energy!


ITG: Have you had any challenges so far since you started? If so, what have those challenges been?

Jenny: Yes! Over the years I have talked myself into having cravings. I don't think my body needed to satisfy cravings as much as my mind did. I'm getting used to new habits.


ITG: What has been easiest about the ITG Diet Plan so far?

Jenny: The foods have made this easy! So much better than going through a drive thru someplace! Quick and convenient.


ITG: In your first couple weeks, did you feel tempted to eat or drink something off-program? If so, how did you overcome the temptation?

Jenny: I craved a chicken sandwich from one of my favorite fast-food places. I went, and ended up with just a piece of grilled chicken to stick with the plan. I found that I didn't like it! I tried having the grilled chicken again on another visit, but it just didn't taste good to me anymore so I am just not going back.


ITG: We typically tell new dieters to avoid going to restaurants in the first month of Step 1 as they learn proper nutrition and portion control - as well as avoiding all the fats, carbs, and sodium added to the foods. Have you tried eating at a restaurant and if so, what did you choose to eat?

Jenny: I have had to a couple times. I realized that most restaurants have healthier options and nutrition guides to view if you ask. I choose lean meat like chicken, fish or shrimp. I add steamed broccoli, asparagus, and salad. I just tell the server to leave off the cheeses, fruits, sauces, and oil. I can use a little salt and pepper and everything tastes delicious.


ITG: Do you have any medical issues you are looking to improve?

Jenny: Yes, I have pancreatitis. This program is wonderful for that! I feel great in just a month on the program!


ITG: As far as affordability, how does the cost of ITG fit into your new eating plan and budget?

Jenny: Honestly I did the math - ITG is costing me less than all my drive thru trips, sodas, and daily snacks. Those things add up faster than you realize! Now I'm getting proper nutrition, losing weight, and feeling great!


ITG: Do you find the coaching beneficial on the ITG Diet Plan?

Jenny: The coaches are amazingly helpful and encouraging! They have great recipe ideas and send me ITG articles and blogs that pertain to my weekly situations. They are there to answer my questions. I think the coaching is extremely necessary to help get to your goal weight.


ITG: What advice would you give to someone else who was thinking about starting on the ITG Diet Plan but wasn't sure yet?

Jenny: I would tell them - Why Wait?! Get started! You can't change without changing!


Jenny is on her journey to her health and weight loss goals! We are excited to see her progress and we look forward to her future Before & After Success Story!


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