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Step 1 Interview - Cathy Begins Her Journey

Cathy started the ITG Diet Plan recently. She had tried doing a ketogenic diet on her own by using varying information from around the web. She noticed it wasn't working for her and she wasn't getting close to achieving the results she was working toward. At interview time, Cathy had been on the program for five weeks and is already seeing more weight loss through the ITG Diet Plan and contributes her success to the program along with the invaluable coaching she is receiving week to week. Read the full ITG interview below.


ITG: What made you choose the ITG Diet Plan?

Cathy: I did some research to learn more about how the program would get my body into ketosis, and I liked that the program was medically supervised. I had tried to start a keto diet all on my own before – unsuccessfully. The meal replacements and coaching were the starting blocks that I needed to be able to see progress!


ITG: How motivated were you to get started?

Cathy: I was and still am 100% motivated. As a 55-year-old mother of two teenage daughters, I wanted to make sure I am doing whatever I can to lower my weight and my blood pressure because I DO NOT want to become their burden as they begin their adult lives in a few years.


ITG: How much weight have you lost so far?

Cathy: I have lost 12.6 pounds and about 8 inches overall in my first 4 weeks!


ITG: Did you find yourself more motivated once you started to see your weight loss?

Cathy: Definitely! I know that I am one step closer to my goals of becoming the healthy person I deserve to be. I have spent the past 27 years always putting my kids and husband first. As they start to leave the nest, I want to be ready to fly myself. This weight loss journey is for me!


ITG: Did you experience any symptoms of entering ketosis in the first few days? How long did the symptoms last?

Cathy: No. I did not experience any of the keto flu that I had heard about. I had a very slight headache around day three of the program, but I just took my usual dose of headache medicine as I would with any regular headache. 


ITG: Have you had any challenges so far since you started? If so, what have those challenges been?

Cathy: Having two high school kids, and having my house be the “hangout” spot for all of my kids’ friends, I am always ordering pizza, wings, and other snacks for them. I have been able to remain focused and tell myself that “I am allergic” to that carb heavy food, and recall how crappy I feel after I ate those foods in the past.


ITG: What has been easiest about the ITG Diet Plan so far?

Cathy: The portability of the shakes, soups, oatmeals, and bars. I will put hot water in a thermos and make up my soup, oatmeal, or hot chocolate while on the go. That way, there is NO reason to stop at a drive-thru.


ITG: In your first couple weeks, did you feel tempted to eat or drink something off-program? If so, how did you overcome the temptation?

Cathy: I really thought that I would miss my nightly glasses of chardonnay, but I’ve worked around that. When I had friends over and they had their beer, I had my bottle of “chardonnay” that I actually had empty and just filled with water. While out at our fire pit with my friends, I had my beverage (water) and they all had theirs. There was no discussion or questions to answer from them about why I wasn’t drinking. No peer pressure, no one needed to know, and it was still a lot of fun spending time with them, even without a drink in my hand!


ITG: We typically tell new dieters to avoid going to restaurants in the first month of Step 1 as they learn proper nutrition and portion control - as well as avoiding all the fats, carbs, and sodium added to the foods. Have you tried eating at a restaurant and if so, what did you choose to eat?

Cathy: No. I am not at that point yet. I have avoided eating out because I do not know exactly how they cook or marinate the proteins. By putting “dining out” on hold, I am in TOTAL CONTROL of what I am eating, no second guesses or questions.


ITG: Do you have any medical issues you are looking to improve?

Cathy: I know my blood pressure is not where I want it to be. Having been in the medical field, I wanted to try to avoid lifelong medications and to lower my blood pressure. I wanted to lose weight and see how my numbers would drop. 


ITG: As far as affordability, how does the cost of ITG fit into your new eating plan and budget?

Cathy: I honestly think that I am saving money because I am not drinking any alcohol and we as a family don’t spend money at restaurants right now, which can get expensive. I am also buying much less compulsively at the grocery store. I get my proteins and vegetables there, and that’s pretty much all I buy now.


ITG: Do you find the coaching beneficial on the ITG Diet Plan?

Cathy: Yes! The coaching has been:

  1. Educational. I’ve learned and continue to learn so much each week about protein-based eating and healthy carbs.
  2. Motivational. Kaitlin and Joe made me feel welcomed and comfortable from the minute they answered my first phone call through the weigh-ins and measuring each week.
  3. Tanita Body Composition Scale. Wow! That scale tells you so much about your body composition! When I saw the word “obese” in print and that my metabolic age was 70 (I’m 55)… that was the kick in my butt that I SO needed!


ITG: What advice would you give to someone else who was thinking about starting on the ITG Diet Plan but wasn't sure yet?

Cathy:  What are you waiting for? I strategically chose my start day because it was after all the major holidays and after vacation, all food-heavy and alcohol-heavy events. The start of my journey was anticipated and planned for after those were out of the way.


ITG: Do you have any Step 1 advice, tips or tricks for someone new to the ITG Diet Plan?

Cathy: First and foremost, focus on what you’ve done right, not what you’ve done wrong! Every single week, whether you lose 1 pound or 4 pounds is an opportunity to learn how foods affect your body and your weight loss progress. ITG Coaches help you understand this and make the adjustments in your upcoming week to help attain better weight loss. The only way the coaches can do that is by making sure you fill out your food diary for them!

I can’t say it enough – journal, journal, journal! I have been meticulous and honest about filling out my food diary every week. Looking back, you will be so surprised at all that you have accomplished. I use the bottom section in the ITG Food Diary to document all my wins for the day. From “I feel great today!” to “I didn’t eat any of the kids’ pizza!” to celebrating another successful check-in on the Tanita scale, I make sure to make a note each day. Going back and reading my “wins” is like having my own cheering section. 

Meal prep has also been key for me. I cook my ground turkey, sheet pans of zucchini and squash and more so that I always have prepped protein and vegetables ready to grab and go or heat up quickly at dinner time. Pile your pre-cooked proteins and vegetables on a bed of lettuce or spinach – no dressing needed!

Always carry a case of water in your car. It really helps if you get thirsty on the go and keeps you from grabbing a soda or coffee. Now I never have an excuse that I couldn’t get all my water in.


Cathy is well on the way to her health and weight loss goals! We are excited to see her progress and we look forward to her future Before & After Success Story and photos!


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