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Step 3 Interview - Success For Life!

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diet-changed-life.pngWe have helped so many people reach their goal weight and more importantly, maintain that goal weight over the years. Once you learn how you can lose weight and keep it off with ITG by following the program, it is much easier to notice a few extra pounds creeping back here and there as is natural with our busy lives, vacations, holidays, and more.

The biggest takeaway would be recognizing when those pounds start creeping back and how you can use the knowledge you learned with your ITG Coach to help you reboot, tune-up, and get back to that goal weight quickly and efficiently. Life happens - but significant weight gain doesn't have to be a part of that!

We recently interviewed one of our successful Step 3 dieters who has been able to maintain his weight with a few tune-ups along the way. Continue reading for excerpts from his interview about Step 3 - Success For Life!

Eric from the Boston, Massachusetts area reached his goal weight almost 4 years ago. He was about to be placed on medications for Type II diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol. He struck a deal with his doctor who told him he would give him 30 days to begin losing weight. From that point, they monitored his numbers every 30 days until Eric reached his goal weight. After losing over 50 pounds, Eric was not prescribed any medications as his numbers were all in the normal and healthy ranges, and was no longer categorized as obese by his doctor.

We talked to Eric and asked him questions about his experience on the ITG Diet Plan in Steps 1 & 2, and how he has been able to successfully maintain his weight for 3 years on Step 3, Success For Life! Read the full interview by clicking here.

ITG: What made you decide on the ITG Diet Plan?

Eric: I had great success with this diet many years ago and knew that if I needed an effective weight loss program, this one would be the key to my success again. I had done the research and even tried other diets, but none of them compared with the real world results I was able to achieve with ITG.

ITG: Did you have any medical issues or medications prior to starting the diet, and if so, has your weight loss impacted those issues or medications?

Eric: I had high blood sugar (A1C), Level II Hypertension, high blood pressure, and excessive weight, placing me in the obese category. I wasn't on medications at the time I started the ITG Diet Plan. My doctor was ready to prescribe medications though. I made a deal with him - if I could lose the weight and get my numbers down, then we would be able to forego medications. All my numbers went down into the normal range after 5 months and no medications have been needed to this day!

ITG: What did you find was easiest about the ITG Diet Plan in Steps 1 & 2?

Eric: The selections of different foods I could eat have helped a lot. The step-by-step approach gave me guidance for what I could and could not eat for my utmost success. The road map and plan are spelled out and I followed them easily.

ITG: How long have you been in Step 3? Have you had to do a Step 1 tune-up while in Step 3?

Eric: I have been in Step 3 for almost 3 years. I have done Step 1 again a few times to get back down to my goal weight. Life happens, vacations happen. When you think you can go back to the eating habits you left behind, the weight will follow you - and it will catch up!

ITG: Have your new eating habits affected healthy changes with other members of your household?

Eric: Yes, everyone in my household is supportive of my eating habits. They want to feel healthy like I do and follow similar whole food consumption with the planned meals I would prepare.


Read more of Eric's interview with ITG by visiting the articles section of the ITG site here.

View Eric's Before & After Success Story by clicking here.

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