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Clinic Spotlight

At ITG Diet, we celebrate our valued clinic partners across the United States and are inspired daily by their personal stories as well as the many dieters that they are able to help through their weight loss journeys. Read more below about our featured ITG Diet Weight Loss Clinic for this month:

RN Medical / Slim Down The Villages - Lady Lake, Floridarn-medical-slim-down-villages-lady-lake-florida

This month the ITG Clinic Spotlight is on Slim Down The Villages at RN Medical in Lady Lake, Florida. Coach Michelle has been working very hard, wearing multiple hats at home as she continues to educate and motivate not only her clients remotely, but also doing the same for her children with their schooling! 

We asked Michelle how she has been adjusting the way RN Medical serves her clients and how they conduct their daily business. 

"I've been coaching all of our dieters remotely and we talk over the phone, or use Zoom for video chat. We've also started using some advertising services on social media to promote the business. We ship food directly to our dieters' homes and invite all of them to join our weekly Zoom sessions for everyone to have some time to chat, ask questions, and get answers. We are using a Facebook group for our dieters so that they can share their cooking creations, and also running a contest through July to find the best dieter recipe! Encouraging them to share with one another, get connected, and involved in helping each other has helped many of them stick to the program and stay motivated." 

Michelle went on to add, "We are definitely in trying times, and there's always a bright side to things. Over the years, our clinic has heard the typical reasons and excuses for dieters to fall off course from the diet, but we have flipped our response to Covid as a way to get to our goals while there are no events happening in the area! We are utilizing this time to focus on our goals without the struggles of weddings, birthdays, parties, reunions... all of my dieters love seeing their progress during this time and view it as a positive thing, a time to work on themselves without the usual social pressures that can cause them to struggle on the program. Some of them have even become new friends and diet buddies!" 

Our hats are off to Michelle and Slim Down The Villages at RN Medical. Keep up the fantastic work and keep motivating all those around you - you're an inspiration and a great example to your wonderful dieters in The Villages!

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