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Clinic Spotlight

At ITG Diet, we celebrate our valued clinic partners across the United States and are inspired daily by their personal stories as well as the many dieters that they are able to help through their weight loss journeys. Read more below about our featured ITG Diet Weight Loss Clinic for this month:

Vibrant Weight Loss - Austin, Texas


Vibrant Weight Loss is passionate about helping Dieters achieve their goals and dreams by focusing on the outcomes that weight loss provides.  Vibrant helps individuals determine their true purpose in the weight loss endeavor, as it relates to pounds lost, body fat reduction, confidence, depression, health, medication reduction, family and personal life, physical activity, job enhancement, etc..  Vibrant believes in long lasting relationships with each Dieter, and is committed to providing life changing solutions to every human they touch. 

Vibrant recently started offering the ITG Diet Plan to their clients as well as the community in order to put their best foot forward to help fight the ever increasing, Obesity Epidemic.

Since 2011, Vibrant has proudly changed the lives of over 700 dieters, totaling over 27,000 pounds lost, and is excited and proud to offer the ITG Diet Plan to continue this awesome effort.

ITG Coach and Clinic Owner, Dawn Offel, is a Certified Personal Trainer, Weight Loss Specialist and Professional Life Coach.  “At Vibrant, we want to help people reach 100% of their true potential.  Weight Loss is a vehicle to help individuals find their confidence and provides a road map to helping individuals accomplish all they set out to.  It’s a privilege to help individuals conquer their fears and make their dreams come true!”


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