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Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for visiting our FAQ section. To view an answer simply click on the question of your choice. If you have any questions that are not listed here, please feel free to email us at info@itgdiet.com.

What is a Protein?

The word "protein" is derived from a Greek work meaning "of first importance." A daily supply of protein is necessary to support the body and promote or maintain many metabolic functions including building and repairing muscle, major organs and collagen. Protein keeps skin bones, and nails healthy, regulates body processes including digesting and metabolism and forms hormones, enzymes and immune system antibodies to help your body function properly.

How much protein do I need daily?

Your body needs 1/2 of your target weight in grams each day. For example, if your target weight is 160 pounds, you will need a minimum of 80 grams of protein a day.

What is Ketosis?

Ketosis merely means that our bodies are using fat for energy.  Ketones (also called ketone bodies) are molecules generated during fat metabolism, whether from the fat in the guacamole, you just ate or fat you were carrying around your middle.  When our bodies are breaking down fat for energy most of it gets converted more or less directly into an energy carrier in the cells of all known organisms.  This is the energy molecule.  But ketones are also produced as part of the process.  When people eat fewer carbohydrates their bodies turn to fat for energy so it makes sense that more ketones are generated. 

As long as insulin is present there is no ketosis that is associated with diabetic ketoacidosis. Because of this confusion, many patients will think that the natural state of dietary ketosis is toxic to the heart, kidney, causes muscle wasting, is debilitating and interferes with the sympathetic nervous system.  This is not true.  (Please note if you have any health issues such as type 1 diabetes, cardiovascular issues or other various issues that are listed on the Contraindications to the Program document).  All dieters must fill out a Health Status Intake Form before they can start any of the ITG Diet plans

Ketogenic is a term referring to a ketone-based diet, hence the term "in ketosis." This is caused by the consumption of ultra-low carbohydrates - fewer than 100 grams per day for sure, but most often under 30-40 grams - in order to force the body into ketosis. Ketosis is the point where there is not enough glucose to fuel the system, particularly the 100 grams or so it takes to fuel the brain, which forces the liver to produce ketones for fuel. After a period of time, between one and four days normally, the brain adapts to using the ketones for fuel. After a longer period of time, between two and four weeks, the body begins to efficiently use body fat for fuel and decreases the use of ketones to fuel the muscles.

What is Metabolic Syndrome?

Metabolic syndrome is becoming more and more common in the United States. Researchers are not sure whether the syndrome is due to one single cause, but all of the risks for the syndrome are related to obesity.

The two most important risk factors for metabolic syndrome are:
• Extra weight around the middle and upper parts of the body (central obesity). The
   body may be described as "apple-shaped."
• Insulin resistance. The body uses insulin less effectively than normal. Insulin is
   needed to help control the amount of sugar in the body. As a result, blood sugar
   and fat levels rise.

Other risk factors include:
• Aging
• Genes that make you more likely to develop this condition
• Hormone changes
• Lack of exercise

People who have metabolic syndrome often have two other problems that can either cause the condition or make it worse:
• Excess blood clotting
• Increased levels of blood substances that are a sign of inflammation
   throughout the body

The ITG 3 Step Plan targets prevention and solutions to metabolic syndrome.  To qualify as part of this epidemic that is steamrolling North America adults or children need only suffer from two of the four components of metabolic syndrome:
1. Obesity
2. Blood sugar issues (diabetes)
3. Cholesterol problems
4. High blood pressure

To address this, the ITG Diet is focused on insulin production, and stabilizing and maintaining weight loss long-term.

Do I have to take any drugs?

No, drugs are not necessary on the ITG weight loss plan.  Ketosis is a natural appetite suppressant so after the first couple of days you will be a little hungry.  Make sure that you are eating everything in Step One, drink your water and have all your vegetables.  However, make sure that you take your recommended ITG supplements while you are on Step One and Step Two, transition of the program.   You can have an extra packet of the ITG protein lower carbohydrate products per day if you get hungry.

What should I expect during the ITG Diet?

Since you are making a major change in your eating habits, your body may respond in several ways, here are some things to be prepared for.  The first three to five days you may feel slight light-headedness and fatigue, headache, slight hunger, nausea, diarrhea, constipation and bad breath… your body will be eliminating ketonic bodies.  If you are a member we have a document online in Getting Started that is called Potential Symptoms and Body Responses that will explain everything to you so you will know exactly what to expect.  Everyone is unique.   Many dieters breeze right through this first couple of days while others may experience some of the above.  Your coach will be able to guide you through this process.

Why do I have to take supplements?

Supplementation is crucial to your success since you will be missing out on some important nutrients during this plan. Your ITG coach reviews your ITG Member Health Status Intake Form (that you will fill out online) to assist you in selecting the proper supplementation for your specific issues (e.g, food allergies, digestive issues).  Your coach will encourage you to consult with your health care provider regarding any medical issues.  Three supplements that are mandatory on the program are the ITG Multivitamin, ITG Omega and the ITG Cal/Mag.  If you are having leg cramps then you may want to add the ITG potassium.  Also see our guide under The Plan, Product, Nutritional Information to guide you through foods that are higher in potassium.  Use may use Morton Lite salt along with your regular sea salt.  The other supplements we offer are ITG Plant Enzymes to help in the digestion of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates – including lactase for the digestion of the milk sugar lactose.  ITG Colon-Lax may be helpful for improving bowel movements/constipation along with cleansing and detoxifying bowels. See more information about all of our supplements under The Plan, Products, Supplements.
We also offer the daily required supplements in an easy to carry bubble pack.  (2/day).  Or in individual bottles.   Go to The Plan, Products, Supplements Information on the website to read in more detail about all of the ITG supplements.

Supplement image

How is the ITG Diet Plan different from other diets?

There are thousands of different diets to choose from and you can lose weight on almost any of them.  What you have to be is ready to make a lifestyle change, not just a short term diet or weight - loss solution.  So you need to be mentally ready to begin the journey to a New You! 

The ITG Diet is a portion controlled, low calorie weight loss program.   ITG Diet offers two unique plans:

ITG DIET: This is a Low Carbohydrate, Low Calorie plan.   You will be eating approximately 40-60 grams of carbohydrates per day and consuming approximately 1,000 calories per day.  Your body will actually go into a light ketosis, which simply means your body is in a fat burning mode.   It is a three step program; Step One is your weight loss, Step Two is Transition and Step Three is your Success for Life.

OPTIONAL PLAN:  This plan is for anyone who will not be able to participate in the ITG Diet ketonic plan.  It could be for health reasons or the regular Step One is too strict for you to follow.  You may also start this plan and move to Option one.  Please consult your coach for the best plan for you.  On this option you will be incorporating other food groups into your meal plan.  This is also a 3 Step plan that will get you to your goal.  However, your weight loss may be a little slower on this plan.  

Unlike many other online websites you can purchase products and then enjoy online and telephone support through all steps of the program.  Our professional coaches have all been on the plan and understand the challenges of being through all of the steps.  Our Medical Director, Dr. John DeCosmo, has been a practicing physician in Saint Petersburg, Florida since 1988 and had been on our team since 2005.

Click here for a Synopsis of the ITG Diet.

Is losing weight on the ITG Diet safe?

Yes, it is a safe diet. Before starting the diet you must fill out a Health Status Intake form for your coach to review.   We also have a document, Contraindications to the Plan, that is listed in the bottom of the FAQ's that lists contraindications to make sure the plan is right for you.  However, as with any major change in your diet we recommend you consult with your physician before starting any diet or weight loss program.

Do I have to go to a clinic or see a doctor to start the program?

When there is a clinic in your area we will refer you back to that clinic.  The "one on one" coaching method is the most effective to hold you accountable each week.  If there is not a clinic in the area you may be able to do the ITG Diet online with our professional coaches.  However every new dieter must fill out the Health Status Intake Form before you start.  A coach will review your information and if you do not qualify for the plan you may have to ask your primary care physician if you can participate in the plan.  Most people are in good health and will be able to participate.  You would fill out all of your check in information each week and order your protein foods and supplements online and have them delivered right to your door.  As with any major change in your diet we recommend you to consult with your physician before starting any diet or weight loss program.

Does ITG have coaches and support?

Yes, ITG provides you with valuable tools, support, and information that will help you with your weight loss journey.  The ITG Diet Plan has coaches that will assist you with meal planning, exercise, and motivation.   You can access our coaches via phone or through email.  You will have a personal easy-to-use daily food diary and weekly check in module that you will fill in daily and weekly.   You will also have access to all of the documents for all steps of the program along with a library of recipes, tips and more tools for your success.  We even continue to support you when you are on your Step Three, Success for Life. Many of our dieters continue to talk to us for motivation and support.  If you want to interact with other ITG dieters visit our forum and share your success.

Getting Started/Cost Questions:

Q. Is there a cost to become a member?
A.  No, it is free to get registered for the program; you only pay for your food and supplements.  No monthly or annual fees. Coaching is also complimentary to all our dieters! Note: Prices may vary at the ITG Diet Clinics.  Note:  If there is an ITG Diet Clinic near you we may refer you to that clinic.  The personalized "one-on-one" coaching is the most effective way to hold you accountable for your success!

Q. How much is shipping? 
A. That is based on where you live and how much you order.  All orders are processed through UPS or Fed-Ex shipping. .  Before you check out it will show your shipping charges.  

Q. Am I obligated to buy anything?  Can I quit anytime?
A.  If you decide not to participate, even though we call it a membership, there are no membership fees or cancellation fees.  However, our goal is to help you be successful on the program to help you meet your goals.  If you decide to discontinue the program please contact your coach to help you go through the proper steps.

Q. What is a member vs. just a shopper?

Please Note:  if there is an ITG Diet Clinic in your area we may refer you to the closest clinic. 


A shopper is anyone who just wants to purchase ITG products. You are not a dieter yet may purchase foods for your enjoyment.  You will first have to register to be a shopper.   An ITG representative will get back to you within 24 hours.  All you have to do is simply check out as a guest.  However, you must acknowledge that you are not on the ITG Diet Plan and will not be on our weight loss program.  As a shopper you will have limited access to the website. 

Please Note:  If there is an ITG Diet Clinic in your area we may refer you to the closest clinic. 


Member:  If you want to have access to the actual weight loss program steps you will need to become a member.  To begin you must fill out a Health Status Intake Form that is reviewed by an ITG coach before you can start the plan. You will then be contacted by one of our coaches to review your Health Status Intake Form.   Please review the Contraindications to the Plan information before filling out the Health Status Intake Form.  As a member you will have full access to all of the Steps to the plan and all of the support materials.  We also have a 12-Step exercise module that you will find easy and fun to use.  Each day you will be inputting information into your online food diary and each week filling out your weekly check in that will be automatically sent to your coach.  We are here to help support you throughout your weight loss journey.   We know it is not easy to make a total lifestyle change for you to be successful.  Our coaches are readily available by phone or through email. 


Product Questions:

Q.  Do you have Soy Free products?
A.  Yes we have a list of our Soy Free products.  Review the Nutritional Information that can be found under The Plan, Products, Nutritional Information section of the website.  Please note that if you have severe allergies you should check the ingredients of the product before ordering.  Also see Allergen Matrix.  

 Q.  Do you have Gluten Free products?
A.  Yes we have a list of our Gluten Free products Review the Nutritional Information that can be found under The Plan, Products, Nutritional Information section of the website.  Please note that if you have severe allergies you should check the ingredients of the product before ordering.  Also see Allergen Matrix.

Q.  What is a Limited ITG food?
A.   A Limited food is one of the ITG foods you can only have once a day.  This is based on carbohydrates, calories and product.   On Step 1 you are limited to only one of these products per day.  Examples are the bars, snacks, spaghetti and nacho pasta.   See your Limited ITG Foods in the Plan, Products, Nutritional Information tab of the website for more detailed information.

Q. Can I use another protein powder while on Step One?
A.  If you want to participate in the ITG Diet Plan it is recommended to use the ITG Diet products.  The plan and the products are designed to give you the proper amount of carbohydrates, calories and protein per day.  If you start using other products while on the program our coaches will not be able to know exactly what you are consuming and what is in those products.

Program Questions:

Q. How long will the program take me? How long is the first step? 
A.  It depends on how much you have to lose and how committed you are to reaching your goals.  After you reach 100% of your goal in Step One then Step Two is your transition step.  Each week you will be adding a new food group back into your daily diet.  Step Two is a four-week program.  Step Three is Success For Life.   It is important that you go through all Steps of the program.  Your length and success on the program are based on staying compliant.  Actual weight loss will vary based on your gender, body metabolism, age and if you are on medications, etc.

By tapping into fat stores readily available in adipose tissue, weight loss results are rapid and effective in favorably changing body composition.   Women generally lose 2-3 pounds per week and men lose 4 to 5 pounds per week on a VLCD diet. These average losses are 2 - 3 times greater than those resulting from conventional calorie-reducing diets used for the same time period. 1,2 

1. Very low-calorie diets. National Task Force on the Prevention and Treatment of Obesity,
National Institutes of Health. JAMA. Aug 25 1993;270(8):967-974.
2. Wadden TA. Treatment of obesity by moderate and severe caloric restriction. Results of
clinical research trials. Ann Intern Med. Oct 1 1993;119(7 Pt 2):688-693

Contraindications to the Plan

  • Heart attack/acute unstable cardiac conditions/stroke/mini strokes (TIA)  (within 6 months)
  • Anyone with congestive heart failure
  • Type one diabetic
  • Active disease states
  • Active cancers (less than 3 years cancer free or see physician for approval)
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Acute inflammatory states (while in flare-up)
  • Hepatitis
  • Lupus flare
  • Acute peptic ulcer disease (PUD)
  • Bleeding ulcers
  • Severe liver disease - high liver enzymes
  • Severe kidney disease
  • Unstable mental disorders
  • Psychotic disorders
  • Schizophrenia
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Depression with suicidal tendencies
  • Anyone on lithium
  • Drug/alcohol abuse with poor nutritional status
  • Active eating disorders
  • Anorexia
  • Bulimia
  • Phenylketonuria (PKU) - ability to properly break down an amino acid called phenylalanine
  • Anyone with active HIV        
  • Seizure disorders
  • Pregnant women and nursing mothers
  • Children under 17  (however children can use the foods as healthy snacks)
  • If on any of these medications must be working with their primary care physician
  • Diuretics - (water pills) > 40 mg Lasix or equivalent per day
  • Anticoagulant drug therapy  –  Coumadin, Warfin.

When in doubt always ask your Primary Care Physician if you can go on the ITG Diet.

Before starting any diet or weight loss program you should consult with a physician.

What do the Bobbles Represent? What does our Logo stand for?

itg-diet protein chainsIt is very simple.  When we were looking to do the design for our website, boxes and our materials for the ITG Diet, we not only wanted to make them attractive but to represent the ITG Plan.  Then it became easy, when you are on our plan you want to make sure that you get the correct amount of protein every day!  So why not have it represent protein which is from chains of amino acids?  

The Structure of Proteins
Proteins are formed from chains of amino acids, and the nature of the amino acid side chains has significant influence on the topography of the protein. The bonds between amino acid side chains generate a complex protein structure, which is considered in four stages: primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary.
The primary structure of a protein refers to the sequence of amino acids that make up the protein. The bonds considered in the primary structure are the peptide bonds between each amino acid.

ITG Diet Logo

Our Logo - ITG Diet -  It's The Greatest Diet!

Plan, Nutrition, Life  - 

  • Plan – the ITG Diet is a 3 Step Plan to get you to your healthy goal
  • Nutrition – this is making sure you have the proper food to feed your body
  • Life – this is the knowledge to know how to keep a healthy weight the rest of your life

We hope you will be successful on our plan and enjoy the New You!

3 Steps To A New You 

The ITG Diet will teach you how to:

  • Eat Right
  • Get Healthy
  • Feel Better
  • Gain Confidence
  • Lose Weight

The weight loss plan you've been looking for with proven results, no drugs and no painful injections AND with delicious tasting foods.

Start your journey to the new YOU Today with ITG's simple 3 step program.weight loss success

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