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New! Cheesy Curls

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Enjoy a savory new snack addition! With a bold cheesy taste and a light, fluffy and crunchy curl, these will hit the spot. Just 4 grams of carbs per serving and 14 grams of protein!

Verry Berry O's



A sweet mix of berry flavors make this Non-Limited breakfast cereal a delicious part of your morning. Enjoy dry, with 4 ounces of skim milk/unsweetened almond milk, or have as a sweet and crunchy snack any time of day!


Chocolate Coconut Shake Bottle


Rich, creamy chocolate mixed with sweet coconut flavor in a convenient shake bottle.

Use half the water to make a thick, tasty pudding!


Creamy Chicken Alfredo


Creamy, cheesy alfredo sauce, pasta and chicken make this hearty lunch a delicious addition to your day!


Summer Drink Favorites! Sóbrio Non-Alcoholic Shake Mix Bottles


Missing a cocktail while on the program? Try these low sugar, non-alcoholic beverages. In Step 3, add your favorite spirits to make a healthier, lower calorie version of your favorite cocktails!  

Available in 3 delicious flavors:


Peach Mojito

Piña Colada


Try Grumpy Gator Seasonings!

Gator Garlic & Sugarless Rub

gator,garlic,grumpy,seasoning                 grumpy,gator,sugarless,rub,seasoning

Spice up your vegetables and lean proteins for dinner with Grumpy Gator Seasonings! Don't settle for bland food again. These seasoning blends go well with seafood, chicken, beef and vegetables. Click images to view in the ITG Shop.


ITG has Optional Diet Supplements to help enhance your inch loss, help curb your cravings and increase fat burning.

Click on image for more details about these products.

ITG Inches To Go - Enhance Your Inch Loss!

ITG Crave Away - Help your cravings and hunger pangs go away!

ITG Thermo Tonic - Help increase energy and burn fat!


Hear what some of our local clinics have to say about ITG Diet.

“Our focus on patient care was the reason to bring in the ITG Diet Plan. We provide an in-depth, personalized client evaluation to every patient seeking help in weight management issues. We have been very happy with the results our patients have experienced with ITG Diet. Many have been able to reduce and/or eliminate medications, in addition to meeting their weight loss goals."

Wendy C. Huhn, M.D., F.A.C.E of Diabetes and Endocrine Center - Orlando, Florida

 “The ITG Diet Plan has been a great success at Stern Cardiovascular Foundation. We have been able to help so many of our patients lose weight. This has made our patients feel better about themselves and has allowed many of them to decrease their blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol medications. We are very proud to offer the ITG Diet Plan to our patients."

Dr. Steven Gubin – Cardiologist & President, Stern Cardiovascular Foundation, Memphis, Tennessee

If you’d like, you can recommend your local healthcare professional to the ITG Diet Plan by emailing their practice contact information to laurel@itgdiet.com.

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