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Ordering Tips

  • Order enough food to get you through the first month so you do not run out of product. This is 12 boxes of food. (3 packets a day which is 3 boxes per week) Each box contains 7 packets (7 meals) of food except Cocoa O's (5 packets per box), Wafers (5 per box) and Shake Bottles (add water) come in 6-packs.
  • Order all of the supplements required, Multi-Vitamin, Omegas and Cal-Mag. These supplements are critical to the program since you will be eliminating some of the foods that have these nutrients in them. They are available by the bottle or in convenient 30-Day Power Pack packets (twice daily, one month supply).
  • Remember the following products have higher carbohydrates and are limited to one of these products per day; All Bars, Cookies, Wafers, and Creamy Chicken Alfredo. limited products (You will see this symbol to notate a Limited item)
  • NEW Maintenance Foods are marked with an "M" and are for STEP 3 of the program. They are higher in calories, carbs, and/or fat. 
  • When ordering, please plan ahead. ITG uses 2 distribution centers to ship orders. Your order may arrive in separate packages from 2 locations. ITG will email your tracking information once your order is processed and shipped. Allow an extra 1-2 days for processing time.
  • Please make use of the Forum provided on the ITG website. The forum is an excellent reference tool for simple questions. It is also a great resource where you and other dieters on the ITG program can share experiences. Our coaches are always here to answer your questions, however lots of the answers can be found on the Forum or under the FAQ tab of the ITG website.
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