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Don't Like Water?

Posted by on in ITG Diet Weight Loss Blog
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itg,diet,water,enhancer,hydration,keto,ketogenic,ketosisWe've been told time and again that water is very important to our health and extremely important while on the ITG Diet Plan. Water helps flush out the fat we are burning while in ketosis, and too little of it will cause dehydration and stall our weight loss. Every basic function of the human body takes place in water so it is important to stay hydrated, but what if you just don't like water?

We have utilized water enhancers in the past such as Mio drops and Crystal Light with "zero carbs." In every case where one of our dieters were using these water enhancers, weight loss tended to stall. There are still hidden carbs and sugars in these products. When we noticed that weight loss slowed down, we recommended that dieters remove these products. Weight loss then returned to the typical and potential loss of 2-4 pounds per week for women and 3-6 for men.

Our advice now is to use an ITG Fruit Drink Mix to flavor water. A teaspoon full of powder in a bottle of water gives it that touch of sweet fruity flavor that will help you get in more water for the day, and also adds protein that the body needs with very low carbs and sugar. You can use more than a teaspoon full to flavor if desired, but try to keep it to a minimum in order to not add too many additional calories for the day.

Some of our favorite fruit drinks to use for water enhancement are ITG Wild Berry, ITG Pineapple Orange, and even the ITG Banana Strawberry Gelatin mix which all make water much more drinkable for those of you who struggle to get in the minimum of eight 8 ounce glasses per day! 

Remember, especially now that the summer months and temperatures are here, as well as a lot more outdoor activity, that you will need to speak to your coach to see how much water you should be getting in each day.

Hydration levels to achieve and maintain are:

Men - 50-65% hydration

Women - 45-60% hydration

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