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TOPIC: My boyfriend eats my ITG Food!

My boyfriend eats my ITG Food! 29 Jul 2014 07:19 #185

I just want to say how much I love ITG food. I have been on many diets with packaged foods and this diet has the best tasting foods plus I get lots of veggies and protein. Their food is so tasty that even my boyfriend, who is not on the diet, ask me to make him a vegetable chili as a snack. I tell him no, that's my food but he begs. Plus he does that with the bbq and pizza protein chips. Now I have to get extra so he can have snacks. The food must be really good if my boyfriend eats it...plus it works. Almost 20 lbs down and feel great. Its being lost at a healthy pace and love it. I'm so use to the quick diets and granted, lost tons of weight quickly but just gained back the weight plus some even quicker. I am in it to win it with this diet. Love the staff there, great people....I still have 40 more I want to lose so they are my weekly family.
Happy Connecting.

Amy K
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