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Dawn Offel is owner and coach at Vibrant Weight Loss in Lakeway, Texas. She has helped hundreds of people lose thousands of pounds over the years and utilizes the ITG Diet Plan at her clinic to help her clients get healthy for life.


Re-creating Your Habits

Posted by on in ITG Diet Weight Loss Blog

old,new,life,recreate,recreating,bad,habits,change,diet,keto,itg,weight,loss“I do great during the day - it’s when I get home, that I struggle.” I hear this a lot!

It’s true - at the end of the day, we’re tired, we’re a bit stressed, we have a whole set of tasks still to do or we’d like to relax - food and alcohol can bring comfort. 

We’d like to have a drink, we snack on our kids food or maybe we’re snacking on the dinner that we’re making for our family, or it’s the couch and some ice cream - It’s all a struggle.

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