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What is the Cost of the ITG Diet Plan?

On Step 1 of the ITG Diet Plan, you will be utilizing ITG Foods and Supplements until you reach your goal weight. The typical amount you will spend per day is about as much as a single restaurant lunch plus a tip, or a typical, super-sized fast food combo meal! Coaching is provided at no additional charge - just purchase the required ITG Foods and Supplements you need each week to participate in the ITG Diet Plan!

In addition to your ITG Foods and Supplements, you will be purchasing approved lean meats and vegetables for dinner from the grocery store, both of which can be fresh or frozen, as well as lettuce for salads. By eliminating junk foods from your current diet, you will actually notice that you are saving money by avoiding these items!

Upon reaching Step 2 of the program, your coach will begin the process of helping you add a variety of whole foods back to your diet in the proper portion sizes. Coaches are there to help you begin transitioning off ITG Foods. However, you may utilize ITG Foods and Supplements when you are finished with the program (in Step 3 - Success For Life) for healthy snack options as needed!

ITG is growing quickly! We will help you find an ITG Clinic location near you for guidance while on the diet plan. You may also be eligible for our online program, so please contact an ITG Specialist today to get started! Email us at info@ITGdiet.com.

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