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Restaurant Menu Guide

Yes, you can keep your goals and your social life! At ITG Diet, our goal is your good health and weight loss success. To help you achieve that success, we've put together a list of healthy entrées to order at some of the most popular restaurants around town. Download a .pdf copy of this convenient restaurant guide to print and take with you here.



Crispy Brussel Sprouts

Crispy sprout halves, ask for no balsamic and a side of lemon to squeeze on top.

Steak and Potatoes

low-carb-steak-entree10oz. sirloin, sautéed broccolini, ask for no potato and substitute another vegetable.




grilled-salmonAtlantic Salmon

8oz. filet, grilled, blackened or broiled. Add choice of two vegetable sides.




Caesar Salad with Chicken

panera bread saladChicken, romaine; ask for no cheese, no croutons, and use oil and vinegar or your own healthy dressing.




Rock Lobster Tailred-lobster

Order with broccoli or mixed vegetables.




Grilled Pork Choppork chop

With cucumber, tomato n' onion salad (with lemon, salt and pepper, olive oil)  fresh steamed broccoli.




Renegade Sirloin 8 ozsirloin

Served with choice of side, a mixed green salad, fresh vegetable medley (no carrots), fresh steamed asparagus.




Speared & Searedtgif-entree

6oz. sirloin, grilled shrimp skewers; ask for no whiskey glaze, and sides of vegetables or choice of house salad.




Grilled Salmon Salad

maggianos grilled salmon saladMixed greens, grape tomatoes, green beans and red onions. (Order with no linguine crisps and no dressing.) Use Walden Farms or oil & vinegar dressing. Substitute chicken or shrimp for salmon.




Skinnylicious Grilled Salmoncheesecake factory

Served with assorted fresh vegetables.




8 oz. Top Sirloincheddars sirloin

Order with steamed broccoli and southern green beans.



bob evans

Grilled to Perfection Chickenchicken-low-carb-entree

Two grilled chicken breasts served with choice of two sides, ask for no dinner rolls.



cap grill

Filet Mignonfilet

Sliced filet mignon with cipollini onions and wild mushrooms. Ask for salad with field greens, tomatoes and fresh herbs and grilled asparagus with lemon oil.



Bubba Gump

Forrest's Surf & TurfShrimp

10oz. boneless ribeye, grilled shrimp, ask for no potato and extra vegetables.




Perfectly Grilled Salmonoutback-salmon

Seasoned and wood-fire grilled and served with fresh seasonal mixed veggies.

Victoria's Filet Mignonoutback-filet

With fresh steamed broccoli or seasonal mixed vegetables.



Simply Grilled Mahicarrabbas-sirloin

Ask for no potato, no butter; substitute broccoli or asparagus.

Tuscan Grilled Sirloin

7oz. sirloin, ask for no topping on steak and substitute potato with vegetable.


olive garden

Herb Grilled Salmonolive-garden-salmon

Ask for plain broccoli or other steamed vegetables.



Use Gluten-Free Menu for many entrees featuring a protein and a vegetable.
Sides include fresh asparagus and steamed veggies.

Mahi-Mahi & Shrimpbonefish-steak

Wood-grilled mahi-mahi paired with five jumbo shrimp and two sides, ask for double seasonal vegetables.



Ancho Salmonchilis-salmon

Seared chili-rubbed Atlantic salmon with broccoli, ask for no sauce or queso fresco; no rice, substitute extra vegetable.



Rotisserie Chicken Saladsubway-salad

Rotisserie chicken with lettuce, spinach, and vegetables of your choosing. Use oil and vinegar or your own healthy dressing.

Create your own salad


boston market

Chicken Caesar Saladboston-market-salad

Rotisserie chicken, romaine lettuce, as for no cheese, no croutons, and use oil and vinegar or your own healthy dressing.


Restaurant Tips 

 Below are some quick tips for going out that we hope you find useful.

  • When ordering, always make sure your lean protein is up to 8 ounces (grilled, sautéed, not breaded or fried).
  • When ordering a salad, remember to order it without croutons, cheese or bacon. Oil & vinegar are acceptable (not balsamic or red wine vinegar), but it's best to bring your own healthy dressing.
  • Any entree can be ordered with double veggies instead of potatoes or starchy food.
  • Tell the waiter or waitress not to bring bread to the table.
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