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Vacation Tips


Planning a vacation? On Step 1 or 2 of the ITG Diet Plan? Here are some healthy travel tips!

Remember, you don’t have to go off of your diet just because you're on vacation!

You simply have a couple of choices:

  1. I am going to stay on the plan 100%!
  2. I want to transition to Step 2 of the plan to incorporate more food groups (temporarily)
  3. I am going to eat very low carb and fat, but splurge a little (kind of on the plan)
  4. I am on vacation and I am going to eat whatever I want!

What category do I fall into from above?

If you chose #1, staying on the plan 100%, then you will need to plan your meals with ITG protein foods and take them with you. If you have access to a microwave, which a lot of hotels do have, you will have more choices. If not, then make sure you bring bars, puddings and drinks along with some of the other comfort products like the cheese puffs, chips, etc. You can get a bottle of water almost anywhere to make a shake, or use cold tap water. You can also use our new ITG Shake Mix Bottles that all you have to do is add water!.

  • Airlines and customs will not take away your ITG Foods, except the Ready-to-Drink Vanilla and Chocolate Shakes as the liquid is more than allowed for flights. You can carry-on the ITG Shake Mix Bottles, just add water! Take only your packaged and dry foods; don’t forget your blender bottle and a small Real Salt/sea salt to use in place of regular table salt. Check with your airline for any special rules they may have.
  • Take individual packets out of your ITG boxes to pack in your suitcase. This will give you more room for clothing and other personal items.  Always pack some in your carry-on, too. Purchase a bottle of water in the airport and take it with you to mix an ITG shake on the go.
  • Plan your meals! How many days will you be gone? What will you have for each meal? Take enough packets to get through your vacation.
  • Don’t deny yourself from going to restaurants, just make sure you take your ITG Restaurant Guide and your list of approved foods. Don’t be afraid to ask your server how they prepare entrées; remember, no butter or fried foods, and stay away from the carbs! Consult your list of What Not To Eat for guidance.
  • Dinner - make sure to have a lean, whole protein, 5 to 8 ounces, along with veggies (request steamed or grilled if possible.)
  • Opt for salad, but watch the dressings. Oil and approved vinegars are your friend! ITG also offers travel size packets of Walden Farms dressings (check with your airline for liquid guidelines) And don’t forget to add a splash of fresh lemon or lime.
  • Watch out for fancy sauces and marinades.   They will have extra fat, carbs and calories.
  • Tell your server not to bring bread to the table. Or if you are dining with friends just request to have it placed at the other end of the table!
  • Stay on track with ITG, never go hungry and you will be just fine, without sacrificing your success!

Transition to Step 2 (temporarily)Week 1 of Transition removes your ITG Food at lunch as you will add back a lean protein at lunch time instead. For lunch and dinner, eat at a restaurant or cook 5 to 8 ounces of lean protein and add your vegetables and salad. Depending on the length of your vacation, you may need to ask your coach for Step 2 - Transition documentation to help guide you with proper portion sizes of fruits, dairy, fat, and carbs/starches for the following weeks. Utilize your ITG Restaurant Guide if going out to eat and follow the tips in #1 above.



Kind of on the plan.  Ask your coach about the optional plan. This allows you a fruit, a grain and a fat each, once per day. You are not resting the pancreas, however, you should continue to lose weight.  When you return from vacation, get back to Step 1.



If you chose #4, you need to plan ahead with your coach and phase off the ITG Diet Plan.  Work with your coach to phase off the plan at least 2 weeks before your vacation date. It is imperative that you complete an accelerated Step 2 - Transition to make sure your body is producing insulin correctly. If you just jump off the plan you will shock your system, and by eating carbs and sugars in excess, you may actually gain weight back very quickly.


Enjoy your vacation! However, try to make wise food choices. Try to separate your carbs and fats in your meals as though you are in Step 3  Success For Life. Ask your coach to go over Step 3 documentation with you. One great thing about the ITG Diet Plan is knowing that you can get back on the plan and lose the few extra pounds you may have put on very quickly! ITG recommends taking a few ITG Foods with you on your vacation regardless, such as bars, shakes and snacks, which will help you in a food emergency and can help keep your hunger at bay.

When you return from your vacation, call or email your coach and get back to Step 1 of the ITG Diet Plan. 

Some other hints:

If you travel by car, always have some ITG Foods with you. You can get a bottle of water anywhere to make a shake or fruit drink. Have a cooler or lunch box with ice packs and some fresh veggies to munch on in the car. Make good choices when you eat at restaurants.

If you are visiting friends and family tell the cook you are on a special diet and offer to pick up some produce at the local grocery store if convenient. Always have your emergency stash of ITG Foods with you. 

If you are traveling on business and have meals provided this can be a little tricky. If it is something that you can request ahead of time, ask for any of the meats to be prepared sauce free, grilled, and not fried; no butter on the veggies and no dressing on the salads. If this is totally out of your control, eat what you can and always have your ITG products for backups. Stay away from alcohol; have a club soda with lemon or lime.  If you do have alcohol, do not have an ITG Limited Item that day.

Suggestions for some of your meals if you do not have any ITG food with you:

Breakfast:  A great choice is 2 eggs - however, ask how they are going to cook them.  Ask for scrambled, poached, or in an omelet with veggies. Stay away from the cheese!

Lunch:  5 - 8 ounces of lean meat, plus veggies and salad. No butter, no sauces, watch your dressings and condiments; use oil and vinegar.

Dinner:  5 - 8 ounces of lean meat, plus veggies and salad. No butter, no sauces, watch your dressings and condiments; use oil and vinegar.

Have a great vacation!     

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