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Change Plates and Lose Weight!

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control-weight-with-portion-sizesHave you noticed the size of dinner plates at restaurants or even in your home these days? If you happen to have a set of china passed down from a grandmother, take a look at the plate sizes. They have drastically gotten bigger over the years! Obesity didn’t seem to be such a problem back when your grandmother was cooking healthy, home-made meals for the family. The American obesity problem stems from eating the wrong foods in large quantities…on big dinner plates. Here are some tips to help lose weight by making some simple changes in the way you eat your meals.

Make a fist – That’s how big your stomach is

Your stomach is roughly the size of your fist. Amazingly, it can stretch up to 10 times and return to its original size after digesting food. By eating large meals regularly, your stomach will stretch and may not return to its original size anymore, causing us to feel unsatisfied at meals. When taking time to enjoy a meal, think about your stomach. Why order a 12 ounce steak, veggies, bread and a baked potato when your stomach is only the size of about a quarter of that amount of food? Making informed choices about how much food you ingest can save tons of calories and help you lose weight naturally over time, all while eating the foods you love.

Know how much is in a serving

Whenever you get ready to eat, make sure to read the nutrition label completely. You can read more about labels by viewing my article Reading Nutrition Labels. Estimating and eyeballing a serving size is a bad way to portion-control and help with weight loss goals. It could help to buy a small scale or use measuring cups when preparing snacks and meals just to be sure you are only eating a proper serving. Did you know 3 ounces of lean meat is equivalent to a deck of cards? Double that and you will be within ITG Diet’s guidelines of 5-8 ounces of lean meat for dinner. Having fish for dinner? 3 ounces of fish would be the length of a personal check. Again, double that to be within the dinner size protein range. How about a cup of cereal? A cereal portion size is about the size of a fist, and a serving of fruit or salad greens is roughly the same size as a baseball.

Pack a Lunch

We have great tips on the ITG Diet website about the Survival Box, Mason Jar Salads and much more. The best way to make sure you don’t over eat is to use a portioned Tupperware container or lunch box. A Bento Box is a Japanese style container meant to hold foods. They have become a very artistic way to pack a meal as well. No need to get fancy – the best part of a Bento Box is the fact that it is made up of small compartments that fit together, only allowing for proper portions of food. Fill them with fruits, veggies and protein to create a great lunch or healthy snack to take on the go. Bento Boxes can be found online for as little as $3. Another great product is a plate divided into 3 sections: one for protein, one for vegetables, and a third for a gluten. The veggies make up half the plate, while the protein and gluten make up a quarter of the plate each. This plate can help you create a dinner that will keep you in charge of your portions and in charge of your weight loss goals.


Each of these tips can help you stay compliant on your ITG Diet on Steps 1 and 2, and help you maintain your new weight on Step 3. Portion control and making informed decisions about what you eat every day can keep you happy and healthy for life!

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Joseph is a Certified ITG Coach as well as Operations Director for ITG Diet. He lost over 75 pounds on the ITG Diet Plan, dropped 10 inches from the waist and decreased his body fat from 33% down to 10%!


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