mindless-eatingI’ve always had a problem with mindless eating. Whether I was driving for work, watching television at night, or sitting in front of a computer, I always had to have something to snack on. Most of the time – no, scratch that – ALL of the time, those snacks were full of carbs and sugar. It was really easy for me to stop at a gas station or a fast food joint and grab a couple bags of chips, candy, fries, or a milkshake at least once or twice a day. I never thought that I was overdoing it in the snacking department because I was always extremely hungry whenever it came to mealtimes! Without keeping track of what I ate, I got into a bad habit of not even knowing what I was putting into my system.

One of the lines that I was notorious for saying on a daily basis close to dinner was, “I’m so hungry. I literally didn’t eat anything at all today!” And then a few hours after binging on a large meal full of carbs (and very rarely any vegetables), I would begin to have flashbacks of that bag of chips…the candy bar…the sodas… And I realized that I had a problem with mindless eating.

Being on the ITG Diet has really helped me fight those urges, as well as helping me create healthier eating habits for myself. Another great tool that has given me a visual throughout my diet is the Daily Food Diary, where I write down every single thing I eat and drink from morning until night.

If you’re anything like I was, check out my article link here that will help you understand your own Mindless Eating habits and how some very simple changes to your lifestyle that you can put into practice immediately will help you avoid pitfalls and stay on track to a happier, healthier you!