old,new,life,recreate,recreating,bad,habits,change,diet,keto,itg,weight,loss“I do great during the day - it’s when I get home, that I struggle.” I hear this a lot!

It’s true - at the end of the day, we’re tired, we’re a bit stressed, we have a whole set of tasks still to do or we’d like to relax - food and alcohol can bring comfort. 

We’d like to have a drink, we snack on our kids food or maybe we’re snacking on the dinner that we’re making for our family, or it’s the couch and some ice cream - It’s all a struggle.

There’s so many options for advice here.

Whether you struggle on the weekdays or the weekend:

First you need to focus on recreating your habits. When I get home I make a cup of tea, I eat a bowl of lettuce, I make a sparkling water, I think about my purpose with resolved determination, I chew some gum, I take a bath, I take a walk, I stay busy with a bunch of errands, i stay distracted with chores or homework, I work, I go to bed early... I ask for help. You have to recreate you’re own habit or succession thereof.

If you have bad habits that are derailing your dreams or causing weight gain, your ITG Coach is there to help you create those new habits!