Lose 10 Pounds Quickly! I was recently asked how a woman can easily shed 10 pounds quickly in a healthy manner.  Great question, yet those parameters will be difficult for most programs to meet.  From a scientific perspective there is only one program type that can meet those listed conditions of:  (1) easy, (2) drop 10 lbs, (3) quick, and (4) healthy.  One can lose weight on almost any diet yet doing so quickly and in a healthy way eliminates nearly all except a ketonic body program. 

Good ketonic body programs encourage you to maintain a healthy diet with limited complex carbohydrates, sufficient protein and vitamin rich foods.  This is normally supplemented with tasty protein food supplements to complement your whole food diet.  You still get to enjoy beef, pork, chicken, shrimp and even lobster.  Sure, you have to give up breads, booze and other fun stuff for a while.  After all, it is a diet.  Any program claiming you can simply take a pill or sprinkle dust on your food or take magic injections without changing your food input selections is a dangerous program that encourages the person to yo yo diet.  The essence of a ketogenic program is that the dieter learns how to eat for life while getting healthy… quickly. 

When done properly the dieter will stay in ketosis and will naturally burn fat while maintaining muscle mass, organs, skin, nails and hair.  Why is this important?  Because programs built for weight loss exclusive of health considerations are indiscriminate concerning from where that weight loss comes.   The body naturally cannibalizes itself and will not limit itself to fat reserves as it searches for internal calories.  In order to keep your body in a state of healthy ketosis you must control the body’s sources of glucose at the same time you feed your body adequate amounts of fats, proteins and nutrients.  A good program will have literature and wellness coaches to explain this to you in detail. 

While there are a lot of reasons to begin a healthy ketogenic program in order to control your weight, there are also some contraindications that may limit your options.  Reputable programs will require you to complete a health intake form, then discuss this with you in order to determine your needs. If a program allows you to participate without considering your personal health consequences, then you might ask yourself why?

A good program should be simple, which normally means consuming a tasty high protein food a few times a day along with a normal diet.  The program should be grounded in education.  Losing weight is only successful if you’ve learned how to keep it off along the way.  You shouldn’t have to count calories or weigh foods.  You should not feel hungry and you shouldn’t be asked to believe in magic.  Just follow the science.

Losing weight doesn’t need to be equated to suffering.  There are some good programs out there. Click here to read more about ketosis and dieting.

Laurel Beatty, VP
ITG Diet