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Welcome to the ITG Diet Community! Connect with thousands of people who, like you, are getting healthy with the ITG Diet Plan. Whether you have questions, stories to share or just want to connect with fellow weight loss members, we've provided this online tool just for you!

If you're not already a member of the ITG Diet or have questions before getting started, then feel free to look around at what other members are saying.

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ITG Diet Forum

New to ITG or an existing member? Ask us questions or share your stories with us and other members.
Do you have questions about the ITG diet? We invite you to ask us or our other successful members. We're here to help!
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Have a delicious recipe to share with our other ITG dieters? We're always looking for new recipes, hints and tips from our members!
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This is where you can chat with other members and the ITG Diet staff about health, diet, nutrition, you name it!
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